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We organise every aspect of the delivery passage and there is no requirement for a formal handover from the owner or his representative. For newly acquired yachts we can undertake handover with, or on behalf of the owner, checking condition and inventory.

We take time to work owners to make sure we understand their expectations and requirements for the delivery.


At this stage we obtain a clear understanding of your expectations, requirements and constraints be it time or budget. We will promptly provide you with a firm quotation and a time frame. 

This will include crew composition and their experience and skills. Once you agree to proceed we will activate our crew selected for the delivery. 

WE RELOCATE YACHTS ON COASTAL PASSAGES AROUND AUSTRALIA AND ACROSS THE SOUTH PACIFIC is a marketplace that connects experienced skippers and crew with owners. 

Our skippers are highly regarded blue water experienced sailors who have previously owned yacht and/or delivered yachts many times. We assign delivery passages and yachts to match skipper's capability. 

To become part of the platform skippers are carefully selected based on experience, qualifications, reputation and performance. Our skippers race regularly on blue water yacht races, like the Sydney to Hobart. We have skippers who specialise in delivering cruising yachts, classic yachts, and racing yachts.  



Whether it's a short or long passage our delivery crew inspect vessel at least 24 hours before scheduled departure. The crew familiarises and assesses the vessel for issues that would prevent a delivery or lead to potential gear failure or break down. Everything that is important will be checked from masthead to keel as nothing will be left to chance. 

During this period the yacht is also prepared for passage, including things like provisioning, fuel and water.

Preparation includes a detailed checklist covering the condition of equipment, sails and fittings. Anything that is not serviceable and could affect the passage will be reported back to the owner, and rectified if practical, before setting out. In some instances we relocate yachts that have known issues that require to be relocated for major repairs. 

Our depth of experience means that we can organise and provide necessary safety items as well as recommend and install specific equipment. We can also supply life-rafts, EPIRB’s for a small rental fee. Our crew bring their own safety gear which has is current, inspected and compliant.

Small repair or maintenance jobs will be done by the crew to prevent you having to pay for expensive trade professionals. We take effort to lash down items to prevent issues during rough seas.

For cruising yachts, before pushing off we prefer to protect all vulnerable areas of internal woodwork with protective materials to keep the boat immaculate. We also cover upholstery with plastic sheets to avoid any inadvertent water damage while at sea during wet weather. 

Our crew will monitor weather before the voyage allowing us to choose the best weather window to reduce stressing the vessel and reducing delivery times and fuel costs. Weather routing plans an important part in deciding when to push-out.  Weather routing is checked by before the delivery team push-out.

We start our weather routing about 7 days out from scheduled push-out date.


On completion of all deliveries the Skipper completes a detailed condition report on the vessel and its’ systems so that owners have a clear picture of their boat’s condition on arrival and understand what needs to be worked on before the next race. We also provide a ‘things to be done’ list for suggestions to improve the yacht's performance or comfort.

Our delivery skipper would also have completed a passage log during the delivery that will be provided to you. We will also organise a debrief over the phone or video conference if required.
The yacht will cleaned, everything packed away and made secure.  All rubbish and protective materials removed. 
We can also organise the yacht to be extensively cleaned and detailed at the destination marina. 


You can trust our skippers who are of a high standard. They are known to be some of the best in Australia. 

Our delivery skippers know the limits of yachts and will sail a conservative passage, they are not racing and understand the mission at hand. They will always take the best option to ensure the yacht is never in danger or stressed. Safety of the boat and the crew will always be paramount. If they need to delay a pushout due to weather issues they will.

Our sailors are incentivised and motivated to deliver yachts safely and reliably. 

If the delivery skipper decides that the conditions are likely to become too rough, they delay departure or if on-route they may seek refuge at a safe port or bay for as long as required depending on the weather forecast.
We never forget how important your boat is to the owner and ensure that they are kept informed of progress during the passage. Our skippers keep in contact with our shore crew with regular scheduled updates (SKEDs) who in turn will keep owners in the loop of progress made and any delays.

Once underway the skippers establish and maintain a rate of progress towards the destination to complete the passage in the estimated timescale. It's our policy is to sail conservatively and avoid over-stressing sails, rig, hull or engine. We normally use delivery sails when possible and minimise fuel usage by keeping revs down.
Safety is always the first priority.  If the skipper decides that the conditions are too rough to proceed the yacht will head for shelter.
We prefer to undertake passages under sail, when progress falls below 5kts we normally motor sail to ensure consistent delivery progresses. 
Our delivery crew will sail 24 hours a day with only brief stops as and when necessary for fuel, provisions or to avoid severe weather conditions.

The level of experience and sailing expertise of our skippers allows them to make good safe progress in conditions of wind and sea state that would challenge most leisure sailors. 

Our skippers keep a detail log of the passage that also includes entries of any incidents or observations that an owner should need to know about. Many owners rely on the honesty and transparency of our skippers to ensure that their yacht is in mint condition for important races. 

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