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Our Vision aspires to become one of the world’s largest marketplaces for sailing talent, powered by data with insights from machine learning. 

What started as a way to rate ocean sailors, will led to a platform connecting dreams, athletic ability with innovative monetisation models all underpinned with the help of our magical technology.

An economic empowerment engine, helps sailing experts monetise their knowledge and skills with their passions allowing them to personally grow and earn doing what they love. 

We ignite opportunity by aligning personal passion with lifestyle careers in sailing. Great things happen when people can do what they are passionate about, living the dream monetising the sporting personality. creates value through sailors-to-spectator emotional connections and trust. We seek to attract more funds into the sport of sailing by leveraging this strong emotional connection. This will kick-off a virtuous cycle.

We aspire to be the place to tap into the best brands and careers of Australia’s best sailing athletes, coaches, and managers.

We will strive to operate with Integrity, Trust and Commitment.

Sailing is a sport that empowers people, and our sailing platform will fuel and foster the growth and development of  sailors. 

We empower and inspire people.

Our Mission

To develop partnerships with a small number of like-minded brands that seek to connect with those that whom follow  or participate in sailing, building loyal relationships of a creative and inspirational manner.

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