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Journey Beyond the Horizon offers a unique opportunity for new yacht owners to transform their yacht relocation into an enriching experience. You gain practical sailing skills, intimate familiarity with your yacht, expert guidance, and a taste of thrilling sailing adventures. Safety is always our topmost priority, and we ensure your journey is as secure as it is enjoyable.

Reach out to us today. Let's chart a course to your home port and beyond, turning your yachting dreams into a lifetime of unforgettable adventures. Start your journey with and set sail towards an unparalleled nautical experience.

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Welcome Onboard for Yacht Relocation

The moment you purchase a yacht, the world becomes your oyster. However, relocating your newly purchased yacht to your home port can be a daunting challenge. At, we transform this task into an exciting voyage of discovery. We don't just deliver your yacht, we welcome you to join us on the journey.


You become an integral part of the adventure, getting hands-on experience, enhancing your sailing skills, and ensuring a seamless relocation. 

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Gain Intimate Familiarity with Your Vessel

We firmly believe that every yacht has a personality of its own. Therefore, understanding and gaining intimate familiarity with your vessel is essential to enjoy a smooth and pleasurable sailing experience.


As you assist in the relocation journey, you get a chance to master every inch of your yacht and unveil its unique potential, creating a bond that only grows over time.

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Nurturing Your Offshore Experience

Offshore sailing comes with a unique set of challenges and rewards. Our mission at is to ease your transition into this exhilarating domain.


We provide you with practical, real-life experience to mitigate risks and empower you to conquer those seemingly daunting offshore waves with confidence.


You'll witness first-hand how to handle varying conditions and respond effectively to any situations that arise.

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Comprehensive Learning and Practical Experience

Joining our relocation passages gives you the opportunity to swiftly ascend the steep learning curves associated with offshore sailing and yacht handling. You'll experience the actual conditions of open sea travel, ensuring that your learning is far from theoretical.


After all, being a competent sailor is not just about knowing the ropes but also about understanding the wind, reading the waves, and navigating the vast open sea. And how to react to situations that can quickly escalate.

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Safety Assured

Your safety is our utmost priority. With decades of experience in ultra-distance passages, our seasoned skippers ensure your offshore journeys are as safe as possible.


You'll gain access to tried-and-true procedures forged from thousands of ocean miles, honed to ensure your peace of mind as you explore the open sea.

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Expert Guidance and Mentorship

At, we pride ourselves on the experience and expertise of our skippers. Our crew will guide you through every aspect of yacht handling, helping you foster confidence in controlling your vessel.


This invaluable mentorship equips you to embrace the sea independently, securing your own thrilling sailing adventures.

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Personalised Adventure Planning

At, we're not just about getting your yacht to its home port. We're here to help plan your future adventures, tailored to your individual preferences and skill level.


Let us help you turn your journeys into experiences of a lifetime.

Visit our adventure video channel

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