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Updated: Dec 7, 2019

He's written the book for ocean navigators. But how good is Will Oxley.

A quick look at his Sailor Profile shows that he has an impressive Sailor Score of 9/9/8/9 calculated over 12 Sydney to Hobart yacht races from 2002 to 2018. Will has the Sailor ID of SID3D96F8.

The way to interpret the Score is as follows:

the first number (9) means that he has a lifetime score of 9 or in the top 9%. The second number (9 again) means that over the last ten years his sailor rating is 9%. The third digit (8) represents his 5 year average sailor rating. This means that he has improved and trending downwards. The last number (9) represents his last race sailor rating which means that his last race is pushing him back up in his sailor rating. The image below shows a way to interpret this.

The breakdown of all this is available on his Sailor Profile a copy of which is sown below in the image.

The navigators worth considering are:

  • Wouter Verbraak SID3D9FA0 with a Sailor Score of 11/11/11/5

  • Nick Scott-Perry SID3D9B38 with a Sailor Score of 15/15/14/14

  • Kingsley Piesse SID3D97F8 with a Sailor Score of 22/22/21/22

  • Jenifer Wells SID3DA0A8 with a Sailor Score of 30/30/30/55

  • Adrienne Cahalan SID3D1090 with a Sailor Score of 32/32/34/8

  • David Van Der Wende SID3D9F88 with a Sailor Score of 25/25/25/15

  • Stan Honey SID3D8DE8 with a Sailor Score of 27/27/33/21

  • Richard Brooks SID3D82E8 with a Sailor Score of 47/44/44/62

  • Phil Brasington SID3D8278 with a Sailor Score of 48/49/41/41

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