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Apply to become a sailoroo 

Our customers tell us that they come to because of the high standard of sailors in the community. It's no secret, we put a lot of effort into verifying and knowing the sailors who become sailoroos.  And we're selective who is part of the sailoroo community. 


You need to apply to use your sailing experience for gigs like relocations, bareboat charters or experience passages.  Once approved as a Sailoroo you are eligible for gigs and will be put forward to potential customers.

The good thing is that you only need to do this vetting once. This saves you and customers time.

Checklist of items to have available, before you start

Here is a checklist of items to have handy for the application process:

  1. A photo of you for your profile. The image should be clear so that owners can identify you when needed. 

  2. Three more photos to add to your Sailoroo gallery, that show you in action sailing

  3. Information about certificates, or tickets for sailing qualifications. 

  4. A copy of your sailing CV nearby. We'll ask for things like: ocean miles done, years sailed, offshore racing experience and will want to know what deliveries you have done



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